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Fancy Feast offer ends Jan 28

If you follow the link to purchase the product by January 28th, we will receive a small commission on the sale.

PetSmart is having a special on their Fancy Feast variety packs. The 30-count variety pack is regularly $17.49, but now is available for $16.89. That comes out to 56.3¢ per can, and is less than the cost per can of their 24-packs (also available through that link). They are available in Seafood, Grilled Seafood, Poultry and Beef Pâté, and Poultry and Beef Grilled. They can be picked up at your local store.

Sale! $16.89 Fancy Feast variety pack, 30 ct., at

The PetSmart Affiliate Program is ending at 6:00 PM CST on Sunday, January 28th, so your purchases must be made before then. After that time, you may visit the PetSmart website or stores directly, but we will not receive a commission.

The other day he tried to feed me the turkey flavor of my regular food. I buried it under the paper towel placemat. So he opened up a can of the Fancy Feast®. It was chicken pâté, so he didn't think I would like the texture. But it was chicken, so I ate it all up (and kept it down). Big Smile