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About us

This is Aimable Cats (pronounced like emmable), a social network for cats -- housecats, their feral cousins, and domestic hybrids like bengals, savannahs, and chaussies. I am Friendly Cat. You may know my older siblings Parker Smudgeovna Prettykoshka and Butler Smudgevich Prettycat. Parker started typing, so our human got her a twitter account. We then discovered there are cats who want a community free from dogs and other cat haters. When the one we were in shut down, we started Aimable Cats.

Content is contributed by several member cats and not on a fixed schedule. Most of it is orignial, but some is shared or reposted from elsewhere online. Often Aimable cats have our humans type for us, but we sometimes type our own posts.

To join the fun... Contact Us to create an account or learn how to here.

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We are not associated with Aimable Abyssinians, a cattery located in Chiba (Japan).

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