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Change log

Summary of new features
Septober: SSL obtained (use https:// to access the site now). Google+ sharing disabled; Twitter sharing enhanced. New hosting company in use.

7 September: Temporarily disabled user registration page. To register a new account use the Contact page and we can create an account.

14 June 2017: Menu color changed in header.

10 June: Larger content author profile pictures in main content and on post pages..
Larger site logo in header.

9 May: Remember Me module disabled. It was deleting user profile pictures on login or asking for a security upgrade with the previous version.
Google chat disabled.
User profile picture added to header.

15 March: Furriends feature disabled.

6 January: Google Chat disabled and restored. Upgrade attempt unsuccessful.

19 August 2016: Fiction forum added.

14 July: aStore removed.

9 July: Updated to Drupal 7.50.

29 June: Optional Copyright Holder field added to account profile information.

8 June: Crying emoticat Tears added

25 May: Added module to share logo rather than advertisement when sharing to other social networks.

27 February Service Links added to share to other social networks, replacing Share it now!. Note that Apps must be turned on in faceybk to share to faceybk .

13 February: Share it now! buttons added.

14 January: Affiliate advertising added. Terms and conditions have been updated to reflect this change.

23 December 2015: Temporarily disabled user registration page. To register a new account use the Contact page and we can create an account.

26 November: Added images to Private Messages. Now you can include images in Private Messages just like you can in blog posts or forum discussions -- large images will be reduced to 640 x 640 (proportionally) and lose any animation. If you want to send Christmas (or other holiday) greetings using Private Messages, you may.

9 November: Donation buttons added to navigation menu and right sidebar.

20 September: Mobile-friendly responsive theme installed. Navigation menu updated.

11 September: Temporarily disabled user registration page. To register a new account use the Contact page and we can create an account.

24 August: About Us page added.

25 July: Shut down test site

20 March: Updated to Drupal 7.35. Site was down for about 6 or 7 hours, but is back now.

9 Feb: Turned off user popups

2015 above, 2014 below

27 Dec: Created forum: Rainbow Bridge Memorials

Mid-December: Activated short domain,

1st Dec: removed « test site » from page titles
changed default behind-the-scenes image

30 Nov: Christmas lights up for the holiday season

25 Nov: Moved to permanent, dedicated domain Big Smile

ca. 12 Nov: Moved hosting to A Small Orange

11 Nov: New domain acquired

17 Sept: Furriend requests now require approval within 8 days.

10 Sept: Preview on blog posts / forum is now optional, but recommended if you have smileys.

1 Sept: Facebook-style Statuses (the grey boxes at the bottom) have been turned off.

27 Aug: Support for YouTube and Vimeo videos in blog posts
Aimable Cats YouTube channel launched
Modified color scheme again
User Popups -- see a mini-profile of anycat when you hover over a link to their profile

23 Aug: Larger user profile images
Modified color scheme

16 Aug: Added image field (with resize and automatic preview size) to blog posts. It is now possible to upload multiple images. Removed custom editor.

14 Aug: Contact Us page added

12 Aug: Changed chat back to Google Chat.
11 Aug: Changed chat module to Drupalchat from Google-style Chat.

6 Aug: Default user image / site logo updated

31 July: Author panel added to blog pages and forum topics

26 July : Real-time chat feature installed

24 July: Site slogan changed.
Blog posts, forum topics now require preview before submitting; hopefully, this will make smileys work more often.

21 July: Support for multiple and animated images.  Article type removed for general users; all posts should be blog posts now.

20 July: You may now add other kitties as Furriends; I'm looking for a better interface to make this easier.

19 July: New editor installed for Articles, Blog Posts, Forums and comments; will eventually be able to insert multiple images

18 July: Successfully upgraded system to Drupal 7.29 without losing anything Smile

17 July: Minor changes in footer
New users list now inlcudes 10 names
Getting started pages added to help book

16-17 July: Tried to upgrade to Drupal 7.29 and had to revert to backup

10 July: Forums added to main menu

7 July: Added information fields to User page.
Gender is now a required field, but there are options for Multiple Cats and Not Sure.
Location is as general, specific, or vague as you want it to be.
Edit your information by visiting and clicking the Edit tab.

6 July: Smileys ! Big Smile Meow Out Loud Blush Joke (having trouble with Heart ) source
Social media links added at bottom of page

5 July: Purr at this activated for authenticated users

4 July: Private message feature added -- send a message directly to another user
Images in statuses will be displayed with a width of 640 pixels, either by reducing them or stretching them as necessary
Headbonks added to Private Messages

3 July: Changed to a two-column design, making the main column wider.
Blocks from old left sidebar were moved to right sidebar or header.
Login field moved to header.
Renamed picture of Friendly Cat from Logo to Your Host.
Moved change log from top of front page to main menu.

1 July: Tweaked Statuses so large images will still display in the content column without spilling into right sidebar

29 June: Smaller logo added to header
Header color changed

28 June: "Purr at this" option added to articles, blog entries, and posts
Site logo moved from header to sidebar
Added list of who's online to left sidebar
List of new users in lower left corner

27 June: Statuses : upload pictures easily, upload videos
Users can add pages to their favorites (bookmarks) which show up in the middle at the bottom when they are logged in

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