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Santa Paws !

I saw Santa Paws today ! Or maybe it was Mrs Santa Paws. We went to the building next door and I had my picture taken with Hands 4 Paws and their Santa Paws. I think it was Mrs Santa Paws this year.

They took me out of my carrier rather than letting me get out on my own or letting my own human do that. I didn't like that. My fur got rufffled the rwrong way.. My human stood behind the camera, and when I looked at the camera they took the picture. They cut Mrs Paws's head off a lttle from the picture.

Then I was ready to go home. I didn't see any doggies there, but my human did just before he came back to get me. There were a couple of kitties who were coming in just after I was done. They were sharing a carrrier. My human reminded me of when I shared a carrier with Butler one way and Inky the other when I got fixed four years ago. or was it fve? I guess it was 5 (I'm having troupble typing that word)



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