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Breezy here. I want to be a Santa Paws' Helper.

It looks like Christmas here with over a foot of snow on the grown and it is still snowing. Miss you all and hope to be able to visit here more often this next Spring if mommy can find a more affordable Internet server. All my love and kitty kisses, Breezy Belle



How is the weather out there? We have been burried in snow here in Montana. Mommy's old van is not running. A nice lady from Aging Services has been taking mommy to the store so we have plenty of supplies for winter. I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day my friend. Mommy got us lots of catnip and treats and I am hoping to be able to paw on from time to time as we will soon have a new Internet Server. Lots of love and kitty purrs to you and your family.

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