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I'm back.

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Submitted by Truffles on Sat, 2016-12-31 23:51

I'm back on the farm.

The human came back to visit us for Christmas. Most of us are a little more scaredy, skittish or feral than we used to be. But I was there when I saw him visit where we are being fed now, and I let him pick me up and pet me.

Why he thinks the black kitty in the picture is me:

  • Two white ruffles
  • Friendly, like I've known humans. The cat this week held my tail almost all the way up like cats who know humans do, and this cat let him pick me up and pet me and look at the claws (purring a little when he did)
  • It looks like a fixed male from behind, and I was TNR'ed in November of 2011.

Why he's not so sure:

  • He looked at my claws, which didn't look like my claws did when I was younger and he saw us every day.
  • This kitty has a white spot in his armpit that he doesn't remember that I had.
black cat getting petted on square hay bale
black cat walking away on farm
black cat looking away on farm
black cat among round hay bales

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