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Friday the 13th.

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Submitted by Truffles on Fri, 2017-01-13 23:50

So today is Friday the 13th.

It's not so much that today is unlucky, it's just that the luck is confusing.

Friday is good luck ; 13 is bad luck. So what about Friday the 13th?

Sorta like black cats, they say.

Cats are good luck ; black is bad luck. So what about black cats?

Some people went as far as to say black and white cats don't count as black cats. Then they extended it to black cats with white spots on their neck don't count as white. Good thing I have two white spots, so I only count as a cat and not a black cat. But my sister Kiwi was all black.

When the human first met my mother and her short-haired black friend, he was not wild about black cats. It was when he met the first black kittens (starting with Butler and Parker's older sister Blackie) that he came to like black cats.

Then he got to know me and my sister Inky. And then came Juan and Axel, who may have had the same father that we had.

You may notice that the ad for the calendar in the sidebar (as he types this for me) is for black cats and not tuxedo cats, even though he took the tuxedo cat with him from the farm. (He says that if I hadn't disappeared the month before he left, he might have taken me, too.)

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