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Nine Lives movie review

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Tue, 2017-01-31 03:15

The human recently watched the Nine Lives movie from the public library. I was there with him for part of it. This is the one starring humans Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Malina Weissman, Christopher Walken, and cats Lil BUB, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Pudge, Waffles, Henri le Chat Noir, Nala Cat, Talking Tom, Jean, Philmon, Connery, Roxie, and Yuri, none of whom are members of this site.

Tom Brand is a rich guy in New York. He is about to build the tallest building in North America, if he can be bigger than the tallest new building in Chicago, also under construction. His son from his first marriage also works for the company. Some of the others on the board think they should take the company public. His daughter from his second (and current) marriage wants a cat for her 11th birthday. He gets a cat from Purrkins (Walken plays Perkins, the cat shop owner and cat whisperer) and then goes to meet with someone at his tower. He and the cat fall off. While his body goes into a coma, his mind is transferred to Mr. Fuzzypants, who does make it home to his wife and daughter. Mr Perkins comes by and tells Tom as Mr Fuzzypants that if his human body dies before they change back, he will be stuck as a cat for the rest of his life, so he should behave like they expect a good kitty to behave.

The Brands are not ready for a cat. They don't put out any food or water, or a litter box, until morning, and when they do, all three are right next to each other in the middle of the room. He has some trouble trying to use a pen as a cat. He tries to spell using magnetic fridge letters and yarn, but they don't notice. The writers obviously don't follow me on twitter, or he would have tried to type something. They give him a bath (ew) with soap (yuck). He sneaks around and goes everywhere. He steals the car keys so his wife can't run off with Josh (who's Josh!?!?).

Other than Perkins and daughter Rebecca, there are not very many cat lovers in the movie, and some people are just not good people. The business practices of the acting CEO during Tom's coma, the dogs Oh my cat! that his first wife's daughter brings to the second wife's apartment... none of those characters are ones I would like to meet.

It's sort of a funny story if you don't look to it for advice on having a cat, and the human laughed at some things. The ending had some surprises. I'd probably give it two cans of food out of four, or maybe three out of five.

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