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Hi friends. Breezy Belle here.

Mommy is getting a new Internet Server so we should be back on line soon. I love and miss you all. Lots of love and kitty kisses from Breezy Belle.


Yes we hope to be back on sometime next week. Mommy has had a difficult time since daddy (her husband) and our sissy fur Midnight went to the Rainbow Bridge last year. We all miss daddy and Midnight everyday and finances have been tight here. This has turned out to be a very hard winter with lots of snow and mommy's van is not running. Once we get it dug out from under all this snow mommy will try to get someone to check it out. We don't have a battery charger but hope to be able to borrow one as soon as this weather improves a bit. Mommy had to drop our internet and telephone because they raised it over $25 per month since she will not get the discount that daddy got because they took her medicaid away once she got her widows pension. Mommy does not like talking to Social Security as she gets too upset. They told her she would not get her full check for several months because they claim daddy was overpaid back in 1989 and they had to collect from her check. Wow, who keeps records on such things from 1989?? Mommy had no money for a lawyer to fight Social Security so she just had to really cut back on everything but she always puts us kitties first. Mommy is slowly getting better and trying to go on for us kitties. She will be 72 this year and not young anymore. We kitties try to help her all we can. I hope you are keeping warm this winter and that all is well with you and your family. I will try to paw more next week. Love and kitty kisses from Breezy Belle

YEA!! so glad you are coming back, we have missed you!! I can't wait! do you know I have a new baby Brofur now? his name is Kephri!!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat and Kephri

I am two years old, I like to sit in the bathroom sink , steal socks and sit on the curtain rods!!
I has a Baby Brofur named Kephri

Great to hear from you my friend. Congratulations on getting a new Brofur. Hello Kephri. Happy to meet you. Our winter snow has just started to melt but keeps refreezing at night. Mommy was sick last week but feeling better today. Her younger brother (our uncle Wes) might retire early (He is 14 years younger than mommy so she thinks of him as a kid) and move out here in a couple of years so he can help watch over us. He drives and has a good truck. Mommy tells us he really loves cats and we are looking forward to meeting him. It will be awhile and mommy does get sad and lonely for daddy. A nice lady from Aging Services is taking mommy shopping twice a month and this helps us a lot because we live about one mile from the regular bus line. Mommy got us some treats and catnip for Valentines Day. Wishing you and your family a happy Valentines Day. Sending you lots of love, purrs, and kitty kisses.

We're just so excited! Meowmy got to talk to your Uncle Wes once, he seems like a good guy, so we are glad he's thinking of moving over by you Big Smile Happy Valentine's Day to all my kitty friends Big Smile

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