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Sissy Furr Blackberry's St. Pat's Day outfit

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Submitted by Breezy Belle on Mon, 2017-02-27 22:15

My sissy fur Blackberry thinks she looks like a green Irish Dragon. What do you think?



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So glad you like my sissy fur Blackberry's St. Pat's Day outfit. We kitties here are all looking forward to celebrating. I have picked out a couple of outfits and will try to post them sometime next month. I am hoping to be able to participate in the St. Pat's Day parade and I found a rather funny outfit to wear to the parade. Tuffy, Blackberry, and Tabu might also join me. Do you know if the Kitty Klub is having a celebration?

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Mommy and I love St. Pat's Day. Our favorite colors are green and blue. It is still cold and snowy here so mommy has not been able to snap a picture of those bunnies yet. Two (2) cute black ones stop by everyday. They look like twins. I think they are sleeping under daddy's wheelchair ramp. Today was quite windy and cold so mommy gave them plenty of carrots and an apple. We have not seen the big grey bunny for a couple of weeks so we hope he is ok. There are several other black bunnies but they tend to hang out on the other side of the court but once in awhile they also stop by for a carrot. We can hardly wait for spring.

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