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Modem failed Friday!!

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Submitted by Breezy Belle on Sun, 2017-03-05 03:57

Breezy here. This new system for our Internet and telephone went down Friday afternoon. Everything including our telephone went down when this "new" charter modem died!! It was awful. Mommy called from neighbor's and was told they could not come out to fix all this until next week. Mommy really got upset and told them she had no transportation here and could not get by without a telephone. After much "talk" they agreed to come out Saturday evening. Well they brought us another modem this evening and we finally got our phone and Internet (wi fi) back on. Mommy is one stressed out human but I wanted to let all my furriends know we are still here and love you all. Take Care. Love and purrs from Breezy Belle


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Stupid technology! It's not good to go without a phone, I'm glad they fixed it for you. Hopefully we will see you guys at the St Patrick's Day party on Saturday at kitty klub Big Smile Purrs, hugs, and bonkies Heart

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Breezy here.Yes, we are hoping to see you at the St. Patrick's Day party this Saturday on the Kitty Klub site. Mommy is working on our costumes and pictures. We hope to have some pictures of a Saint Patrick's Day Parade that I, Breezy, and Blackberry, Calie, Tuffy, Puff and Tabu are planning to go to. Satin and Shadow will be keeping mommy company here but look forward to seeing you at future event. They send everyone their love and purrs. Midnight will be watching from the Rainbow Bridge and sends her love and purrs. Mommy is also working on a picture to honor Saint Gertrude de Nivelles' Day on March 17th. She is the patron Saint for cats and we love her very much. Mommy might post a few of our Saint Patrick's Day outfits here on Aimable Cats as a special preview for our dear furriends on this site. Take care. Love, purrs and bonkies from Breezy Belle

The clinic recently changed phone providers. Well, with the new company, the fax doesn't work properly. Maybe they can get a splitter and it will work. So now they can only take forms via email, USPS, hand delivery, or filled out by the humans in the waiting room. Which makes some of the telephone consultations difficult.

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Wow!! So sorry you are having problems with your new phone provider. Mommy thinks these companies are cutting quality in order to increase profits. As they say: "follow the money". The account "Goodwill" used to appear on a company's Balance Sheet as an Asset when my human mommy took bookkeeping classes back in 1959 to 1963 when the customer was valued and "always right". This was the attitude of many companies in the good old days but now its hold for long periods of time before you can even talk to another human at these large corporations. Everything is computer run with articial voices and no more nice receptionists to talk to. You choose from a menu to push numbers and the choices they give usually do not have a thing to do with mommy's question. Between big (or medium) size corporation and government agencies and utility companies it is hard to say which is the hardest to deal with. Mommy thinks they could provide nearly full employment if they would hire real humans that are based in our country to deal with the public and answer the darn telephone. Mommy has trouble understanding some of these off shore people who speak broken English and often do not understand mommy either!! Mommy tells me that back in the 1960's and 70's her boss would be all over her if she did not answer the phones by the third ring. As seniors like my mommy often say: "times are changing". Take care dear furriend. Love, purrs and bonkies from Breezy Belle

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