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My favorite toys

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Fri, 2017-05-19 22:09

I don't get to chase mice or birdies anymore, and I no longer live with the other kitties. So I have to play some other way. Here are some of my favorite toys.

I sometimes like to play with a dingle ball. Well, actually, after seeing what I did with the bell on my collar, he takes the bell out of the balls, so it's just a little plastic ball. Sometimes, he'll put it down a tube of paper towels, so when I get the ball out of the tube, it's like getting a little bird out of its nest. Meow Out Loud Other times, I just play with the roll of paper towels like it's a rabbit-sized animal to kill. I also sometimes chase the ball across the room or get it out of a cardboard box that isn't big enough for me to fit in. Wait, maybe the box is big enough for me.

I also have some little catnip toys. Some of them are made with catnip inside, like the socks, or some of the pouches. Other times, he has to spray my toy with a catnip spray. But when I get a new catnip toy, I really love it.

Another toy that often works is a feather on the end of a string, or a feather on the end of a shoelace. Well, sort of. One time, he let me play with the other end of the shoelace, and discovered I like that end just as much, if not more. So now, I mostly play with shouelaces (is that spelled right?) that don't have feathers on them. If you use feathers you find in the wild, you should probablebly freeze them for 48 hours before you let the cat chew on them. He brought home some goose feathers one time when he was working by a pond; he froze them, and when they had thawed, I found the bag of them one time. So either feathers or shouelaces.

He usually buys me feliway diffusers or refills to keep me calm. The lids to the refills make nice toys to chase around the room. And they sorta smell nice, too Joke .

When I first moved inside, I was getting really bored. I didn't know what to do, and he didn't know how much he had to play with me before bed, and I would wake him up 2:30ish if I still needed to play. So I often chased my tail. He never saw me chase my own tail when I was outside, so he suspected there was something wrong.

I'll sometimes sit on the computer, but that's not usually considered playing. I'll watch intently if it's a bird I know, or if I am looking at the screen while I am typing, but that's not really playing. I also claw some things, but that's not playing either.

Oh yeah... there was a little ball inside my inclined scratching post, but I found it and took it out, so it's not there any more.

So what toys do you like to play with?

cat playing with toy from incline scratcher
cat playing with bunny soaked in catnip
cat coming through box of waffles
cat playing with ball and paper towels
cat playing with feather on yarn
cat waiting for human to come play with her
cat playing with catnip sock toy
cat playing with catnip toy
cat playing with catnip toy


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and sometimew when he's doing a crossword puzzle, I like to play with his pencil, too. And there's a big stuffed kitty toy that he bought one Christmas.

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I love anything jingly, so what happened to your collar that means your human removes the jingly bell? I hope you didn't swallow it!

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He took off the collar bell before he brought it home just so I wouldn't swalllow it.. He also found a tag that goes around the outside of the collar and doesnt, hang down, so I don't bite at that, either.

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When we were fixed, he got collars for the four of us (Parker and Inky got pink ones; Truffles and I, blue ones). We didn't like them, and Truffles took his off. Then he took the rest of ours off.

Kephri: I like the feather on a stick. When I catch it I growl and try to run away with it. Mom has to keep buying new ones because I am strong and I rip the feather piece right off them!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat and Kephri!!

I am two years old, I like to sit in the bathroom sink , steal socks and sit on the curtain rods!!
I has a Baby Brofur named Kephri

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