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2018 Calendars

Follow the affiliate links below to purchase cat calendars, and we will receive a commission on the sale. Calendars are often important. We typically use calendars every day to see what's coming up, but only purchase them once a year. I have liked Browntrout's calendars, available in some of the links below, in part because they had the right combinations of languages, and nice pictures of cats (or other animals at times as well). They have a wide range of wall calendars (in both 12- and 18- month varieties), mini-wall calendars for the corner of the bulletin board, daily calendars with six pages a week, and other formats as well. Some of the calendars even feature access to an online calendar, but I have not used that feature. There are about 274 product matches for Cats in the 2018 Calendars category Meow Out Loud at Calendars .com.

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Saturday and Sunday share a page, but have separate cat pictures in this calendar from Workman. This calendar usually includes contests to include your cat on future editions of the calendar. Includes a digital page-a-day calendar, which will have the same images if you choose cats.

If you’re looking for an effortless combination of cuteness and class, this tuxedo cat calendar was made for you. Tuxedo cats boast a distinctive black and white bi-color coat, mimicking the look of the popular high-class outfit known as the tuxedo. These cats are lauded as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats and are easily identified not only because of their striking contrast in color, but also because they are seen in the media as Tom Cat in Tom and Jerry, Felix the Cat, and Sylvester of Looney Tunes fame. This classic square wall calendar is the perfect addition to any cat lover’s home!

The twelve dazzling full color photographs in this wall calendar typify all that is beautiful and mysterious about black cats. Enjoy their silken fur and enchanting gaze all year long! The large format features daily grids that provide ample room for recording appointments, birthdays and jotting personal reminders. Also includes six bonus months of July through December 2017.

The Cats in the Country Vertical Wall Calendar features monthly artwork of playful cats by Susan Bourdet in a space-efficient [8" x 15.8"] vertical format. LANG Vertical Wall Calendars feature linen embossed paper stock, a spiral binding with hook for hanging, and matching gift jacket.

Each full-color page of the Texts from Mittens the Cat 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar features an imaginary yet entertaining exchange between Mittens, a slightly neurotic, dog-hating, self-absorbed housecat, and his owner. "Mitty's" texts perfectly capture the typical, all-about-me attitude of felines—an attitude his beloved owner reluctantly tolerates.

We ordered the 365 Cats, the tuxedo cats (Browntrout), and a French-language kittens calendar on the 31st.

We used the sale code that was available, but we did not use our affiliate part. They were shipped UPS/USPS and they got here this morning. They have been put on the wall or dresser as apppropriate.

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