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Top of the door

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sun, 2018-01-21 06:43

I sometimes try to get to the top of the bathroom door.

That's his bathrobe hanging off the end -- he doesn't have a hook for it here. (There is one in the other bathroom.)

Sometimes he sees I'm looking up there, so he picks me up and helps me get up there. Other times, I try to get up on my own.

Sometimes I try climbing up the robe, and it works. One day a couple weeks ago, I jumped from the floor to the toilet to the bathroom sink. I tried to jump to the top of the door, but I couldn't quite make it. My front paws were on the top, but i couldn't dig my back claws into the faux wood on the door to get the rest of the way up and he had to give me a hand. I was really kicking and getting frustrated! Oh my cat!

On this most recent Saturday evening, I went to visit him in the bathroom. Then he picked me up, we looked in the mirrror, and then he put me on the door. Then he took the video of me. I stayed up there a little while after that; then he bent over, so I could jump down onto his back.

The one ceiling tile is loose, and the tape is there so I don't go exploring up there. There's some sort of TV cable there [which you can see in the first picture] so it doesn't fit really well Frown . It's not atttached to anything that we knowof.

cat on top of a door
cat on top of a door
cat on top of a door
sitting on the door

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