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the second ring

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Tue, 2018-03-13 06:56

So then they call 161 again, and we get out of the dark cage and go to a bright cage. One of the other cats, an orange and white kitty that they call red, goes away before the man here can handle him. The same thing happens here as last time, only the playtime is a little bit different. He gives me another red and white ribbon. This time, after we go back to our cage (all the way across the room -- farther than in our current apartment, but not far away as the places I visited when I lived on the farm), they say 161 should go back. So we go back, and I get back in my cage. This judge guy then tells everyone there that I'm his ninth best household pet. We then sit around and watch him go through the rest of his ten best kitties.

This might not be so bad after all...

cats in cat show cages
cat 161 in her cage

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