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hot summer days

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Fri, 2018-06-15 19:10

It's been hot this summer.

So instead of sleeping in boxes, or on nice sweaters or coats to keep warm, I've been sleeping on the floor (in hidey spots) or under the bed to keep cool.

Wednesday night was cool enough that he opened the window. There had been a few other coller days recently where the chance of rain was enough that he had to keep the windows closed, and he closed the windows before he left on Thursday.

And now the weather radio is saying things like heat index over 100ºF (which translates to 38ºC) for this weekend. I just want to stay cool.

I did get a little ice cream last night, which was a good thing.

Here are some older photos of keeping cool and sitting in open windows...

cat looking out the window
cat looking out a different window
cat stretching on a hot day

Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Bed