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Using the laptop -- the next step

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sat, 2018-07-28 23:06

If you've visited here often, you know I like to type when I sit on the computer. Well, a couple of times recently, I've done more.

On a few occasions, my human has come home to find I have logged into the laptop on the account that does not have a password. (It's not an admin account, so don't get any ideas.)

Twice he took screenshots of what I had done (yes, his computer needed an update that time).

The other time, he did not take a screenshot. But I somehow opened the control panel and searched for items that it could not find. The first one was


and the second one was


The control panel could not find any matches for my searches.

That's the image menu for his printer/scanner that you see at right. I have sometimes turned that printer on, but it's too hard for a kitty to print a test page on it Frown . He has made a couple of cat scans of me, however Meow Out Loud

screenshot #1 -- logged in
screenshot #2 -- logged in

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