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We lost my toy

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Wed, 2018-10-10 06:34

We lost my toy tonight when he was making dinner.

So a couple of months ago, he finds a dingle ball toy in an old box, and I start playing with it. It was shaped like a ball of yarn. We won it in some Faceybk contest from a cat page or something. Well, they I get it so torn apart that the dingle is about to come out, so he takes it away -- first the dingle, then the whole ball.

So tonight, he looks through another box (or maybe the same one), and he finds a little pink ball where he took the dingle out of it a few years ago. He tosses it on the floor so I can play with it. Then the silly human goes to make his dinner and stops watching his favorite cat. (I know I'm his favorite cat because he tells me that just about every day Smile .)

Then he hears me crying because I can't find my ball Frown Frown Frown . He looks in some of the places he thinks it could have gone too, including under the chair and under the couch, but he can't find it. I'm sad, he's sad. I want my toy back. He wants me to have my toy back. He can't do it. We're sad all around.

Maybe we should just go to bed and look for it in the morning. Or early afternoon.

the ball before the cat destroyed it
the ball is no more
looking at the ball that is no more

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