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Submitted by Friendly on Thu, 2015-10-01 00:00

Here are the kittydays and observances for October.

October National Animal Safety and Protection Month
4 October World Animal Day (feast of St Francis of Assisi)
14 October National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
11-17 October National Veterinary Technician Week
15 October through 30 November Wishbones for Pets -- international pet sitter charity drive
16 October National Feral Cat Day
29 October National Cat Day (US)
29 October Internet created, 1969 -- we are, after all, on the internet
30 27 October National Black Cat Day (UK)


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I've always found it interesting how Feral Cat Day occurs on Boss's Day. Is that saying that cats are bossy, or your boss is a wildcat ?

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Nearly all my roomies started out as feral. I was picked up as a stray in SC. Tuffy was about 4 months old when mommy caught him. It took her several months to tame him and he is now very loving and gentle. Shadow and Tabu were born feral and rescued by mommy when they were about 6 weeks old. Puff was found abandoned as a small kitten when the temperature was 20 below zero (F). Midnight is 7 years old and has just recently accepted some humans. Calie was given to mommy at 4 weeks old after her kitty mother was too sick to nurse her. The twins, Satin and Blackberry, were born right here at home. Mommy was fostering their kitty mommy at the time. Blackberry is a great mouser and my best friend. She turned 4 years old July 12th and I turned 5 in September. The exact date for me is not known so we picked September 18th. I arrived in Montana (My Gotcha Day) on April 23, 2013 from SC. Mommy calls me her little Southern Belle from SC.

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