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April 2016

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Submitted by Friendly on Fri, 2016-04-01 00:00

Here are the kittydays and observances for April.

Month Pet first aid awareness month
Month Prevent animal cruelty month
month National Heartworm awareness month
1st April - 2nd May National Pet Month (UK)
6th National Siamese Cat day
11th National Pet day
17th - 23rd National Pet ID Week
18th National Pet Owners Independence Day
26th National Kids & Pets Day (US)
29th Hairball Awareness Day
30th World Veterinary Day
30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet day
22nd-23rd First night of Passover
23rd St George's Day (England)
18th Patriots' Day (Massachusetts) / Patriot's Day (Maine)
19th Patriots' Day (Wisconsin)


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