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Submitted by Friendly on Sun, 2015-11-01 00:00
All month Adopt a Senior Pet Month
All month National Pet Diabetes Month
All month Pet Cancer Awareness Month
2-8 November National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
1st National Cook for your Pets Day
17 Giornata del gatto nero -- Black Cat Day (Italy)
19 National Get a Pal for your Pet Day

And for the human holidays:

5 Guy Fawkes Day (UK)
11 Veterans Day (US) / Remembrance Day (CAN) / Armistice de 1918 (FRA/BEL)
15 Fête du Roi / Tag der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft (BEL)
26 Thanksgiving (US)
29 First Sunday in Advent
30 St Andrew's Day (Scotland and fishermen / fishmongers)


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My human mommy was raised by her grandparents and her papa always called this day Armistice Day because her papa was a WWI Veteran. His brother Jess (Mommy's Great Uncle) fought in France at the battle of the Argonne Forest. He lost many good buddies there. Her Uncle Joe was in WWII and took part in the invasion of Normandy.

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