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Questions to ask candidates

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Submitted by Friendly on Wed, 2015-09-23 00:31

These are the questions I am considering asking the presidential campaigns. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

Should someone who dumps an animal at a shelter be able to one day adopt again?
Yes -- No -- after so many years
Should animal shelters be able to euthanize their animals?
Yes, when additional space is needed -- Yes, when the animal presents a danger to other animals -- Yes, when the animal is too sick to treat -- Yes, when diagnosed with a terminal disease -- No
Should it be legal to feed feral cats?
Yes -- No -- Only in rural areas
What should be done about feral cats?
Trap-Neuter-Release -- nothing -- remove the cats -- stop feeding them
Should declawing of cats be legal?
Yes -- Yes, but only as a last resort after the catowner has been informed -- No
Should microchipping of house cats be required?
Yes -- No
Should house cats be allowed outside?
Yes -- Yes, if on a leash -- No
Should sterilization (spay/neuter) of house cats be required?
Yes -- Yes, after a queen's first litter -- No, not required, but it's still a good idea -- No
Should the number of pets in a home be limited?
Yes, by law or ordinance -- Yes, by owner/landlord decision -- No
Should landlords or homeowner associations be able to restrict what pets the tenants may have?
Yes -- Yes, by count -- Yes, by weight -- Yes, by species -- Yes, by breed -- Yes, for new tenants only -- No
Does the candidate personally own any pets? what kind, and how many?
Cats -- Dogs -- Birds -- Ferrets -- Rabbits -- Other mammals (which?) -- Reptiles (which?) -- Fish -- others (which?)

Let me know if you have other suggested questions / answer choices in the comments. I can imagine some of the candidates might answer that the government should not get involved in the decision, or that the federal government should leave it to the states or municipalities to decide.

I will also be accepting suggestions on facebk.

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The list looks good to me, the only thing I can think of that I would ask as well is their feelings on animal testing.

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Should domestic violence victims be able to take their pets with them to the shelters?

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