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How we got our names

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Submitted by Butler Prettycat on Fri, 2016-02-26 04:15

How did you kitties get your names? I'll tell about how we got our names.

The three kittens from our litter that survived could be distinguished by our noses. We were known as Schwarzenase (Schwarzie), Pinky, and Booger (I really don't like that name). So our human asked himself who wears a tuxedo? A butler, and that sorta sounds like my old name. Well, Pinky needed a better name than Pinky, so she became known as Parker. Schwarzie was good enough, so she kept her name.


Our litter had Dark Lady, named after the character from the Shakespearean sonnets. She was a black cat with dark gold eyes. Some have claimed that Shakespeare's Dark Lady was actually a cat. Sir Ed was named after Sir Edmond Hillary because he liked to climb; his kitten name was Columbo because he had a glassy eye (it cleared up). My grey sister and I were Greyneck and Whiteneck as kittens; when we got bigger, she became Pretty Lady / Pretty Grey Lady and I became Friendly.

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I, Breezy, was a stray cat found in SC & mommy adopted me. I came with the name Breezy and mommy added my middle name Belle. She says I am her little southern belle from SC. Tabu was named after mommy's favorite cologne. Daddy named Tabu's sister Shadow as she was always following daddy around before he became wheelchair bound. Shadow is a long haired all black kitty. She is daddy's girl. Our kitty Satin has long, very soft black fur & this made mommy think of satin. Her twin sister Blackberry looked like a little blackberry when she was a wee, tiny kitten. The twins were born here at home when mommy was fostering their mother cat. Calie is a calico girl so the name seemed to fit her. Tuffy is the only male cat here. His fur is very long & fluffy. Mommy wanted to name him Fluffy but daddy said that was not a good name for a boy so mommy named him Tuffy. He is very loving and so his name does not really fit his nature. Puff is a big Maine Coon girl but came here as a tiny kitten who was very ill and was found on mommy's porch in -20 (F) below zero weather. Puff managed to survive & thrive. Mommy said it was sort of magical how Puff recovered from her ordeal and mommy started to call her "Puff The Magic Kitten". Midnight is an all black, short haired, petite girl and she becomes totally invisible in the dark or in low light. The name Midnight just seemed to fit her and she used to hide a lot and was never easy to find. She is a little less feral now and even lets mommy pet her from time to time.

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Meowmy had told her mom that I would stare at her like I was pondering deep things, so her mom gave me my official name of Schopenhauer, but I've always been her Little Man Big Smile Pablo was named after a guy she knew in junior high, she just always liked that name, Danny is named after Danny John Jules who plays the cat in Red Dwarf, Gonzo was just a hyper gonzo kitty mol, Monkey likes climbing on things, and her kitty before me was named Audrey after Audrey Hepburn because they were both so beautiful Big Smile

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The fall before we were born, the kittens were Tasha, Nospot, Simon and Blanche. Tasha and Nospot were grey tuxedo cats. Tasha had a white spot (une tâche) on her back; Nospot did not. Blanche, whose long name was Chatonne noire à la queue blanche, had a white spot at the end of her tail. Simon was a black cat and was named after Simon Niger (Acts 13:1).


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