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Just saying hi!

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Submitted by Mika on Fri, 2016-07-15 19:42

Hi everypawdy ♥♥♥

Just wanting to say sorry for not being here more, but Mummy is VERY busy with tons of jobs in and around the house! But! That doesn't mean I have forgotten about yous!!
Sending yous all a very, very big hug from the land of the Belgians!!!

Mika ♥♥♥


Hello!! Mom's having a jammie day so we are laying on the couch watching that television thingy. Habs the nice day! Kitty Kisses from Seshat!!


I am two years old, I like to sit in the bathroom sink , steal socks and sit on the curtain rods!!
I has a Baby Brofur named Kephri

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