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Here is a Valentine for all my friends.

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Submitted by Breezy Belle on Sun, 2017-02-12 22:07

Mommy helped me make this Valentine for all my dear friends. Love you all, Breezy Belle



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I have missed you as well. Mommy is slowly feeling a little better. Hi there Kitty Pit. I think you are real cute. I really miss my sissy fur Midnight but I know she is at the Rainbow Bridge with daddy. Mommy and I are looking forward to seeing them again one day. Mommy has forgotten a lot about making pictures of us as she used to but she will try to relearn a few things. She has not used her little camera for a long time and she does not get to go out shopping as much as she used to. This has been a very hard winter this year but it got up to 37 degrees (F) today and more of this snow is slowly melting. We had 5 and 6 foot drifts for several weeks and it has been very cold since just before Christmas. I hope you and your family had a very nice Valentines Day. I will try to paw on from time to time. We got our new Internet Server today and mommy and I are just starting to use it. You and Kitty Pit look real cute in your Valentine pictures. When mommy is feeling better we might try to post on some of the old sites. Love and purrs from Breezy Belle

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