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Brofur Ramses

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Submitted by Anubis on Tue, 2014-10-14 18:09

This was Brofur Ramses favorite time of year and this was his favorite place to sit, in the rose garden. it's been 8 months since he crossed the bridge and mom and I miss him lots. Kitty Kisses from Anubis.



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The first of each season without him would be difficult. By the first fall without me, my human had left the farm with my littermate-sister Parker, so it was not as bad on him as it could have been. He still goes to visit my grave almost every time he visits the farm.


yes, mom has me to make her happy but we still miss Brofur Ramses lots. it's gets better with time but some days it's still hard. Kitty Kisses from Anubis

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