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Introducing Ramses

Hello dere,

This is Ramses, he was the kitten that came with the pregnant kitty. By the time we brought him in he was six months old, he is now about 11 months old. Tippi isn't happy with him, as he keeps trying to play with her and she doesn't want to play. He really can't take a hint.

We will share early photos of Ramses, his mom and the kittens later. But just wanted to introduce the newest member of our fur family right now.

~ Ruger



Hi Ramses, So happy to meet you. Welcome to Pussycat Friends. Have a long and happy, healthy life my furriend. Hope you can stop by the kitty klub site tommorow for their St. Patrick's Day Parade. Take care. Love and Purrs from Breezy Belle.

Hi furriends. You can find the Kitty Klub site on Facebook. Just put in a request to join and I can recommend you once you file the request. The site is a secret group so they can screen new members. They have a kitty event every Saturday (Caturday). Let me know if you have any problem finding the site. I usually spend some time there on Saturdays. Love and purrs from Breezy Belle

Binx lived with me for about a week. Well, almost lived with me. He wanted to play tooo rough when we were together, and it was too stressful on the human to keep us separated. The room with my litter box and food was in one part of the house, and Binx got the room with the computer and the dining table. I got the kitchen. So it was very very diffficult to keep us separated.

Eventually, Binx went back to the vet to pick on their kitties instead.


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