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Introducing Ramses

Hello dere,

This is Ramses, he was the kitten that came with the pregnant kitty. By the time we brought him in he was six months old, he is now about 11 months old. Tippi isn't happy with him, as he keeps trying to play with her and she doesn't want to play. He really can't take a hint.

We will share early photos of Ramses, his mom and the kittens later. But just wanted to introduce the newest member of our fur family right now.

~ Ruger


Introducing the Fosters and their new moms.


Lots have happened since we were last on. Mom fostered a pregnant kitty she found in our backyard, she had four kittens. And she adopted the older kitten that showed up with her, which mom thinks was from her first litter.

All the fosters, including the mom, were adopted through Cat House on The Kings. That is California's largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. We are including a collage of the fosters with their new moms with this post.

May they live long healthy and happy lives, with much love. Yay for adoption.

~ Tippi


Doctor Visit

Hello dere,

So on Friday, I went to the doctor to get my teeth cleaned. Mom authorized blood work, even though at six years old it isn't considered necessary. Well, I guess it was a good thing she did, because the doctor said that my creatinine levels were "high normal."
The doctor said my diet needs to change; so less kibble and more wet can food, which means no all day grazing, only two meals a day. What am I a dog?! And my snackies are limited. I miss my snackies already.

I am going to starve!

~ Ruger.




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