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Collar and First Date

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Submitted by Shadow Owens on Mon, 2014-09-29 22:29

Well, Mom's not too happy with me right now. I done went and lost the new collar she bought me the other week. So now she has to get me another one again. She doesn't know if I'm somehow getting caught on something and that's how I'm losing it, or if someone might be taking it off me. Of course, I can't really tell her, now can I?

And Mom had her first date yesterday with the guy that asked her out. She says it was really nice. Without going into too much detail, they had lunch at seafood restaurant and talked and got to learn some things about each other. She says he seems like a really nice guy and a bit of a gentleman, and she rather likes him so far. Some of what she learned about him: he’s Irish; is about 6 years older than her; he’s divorced, with a couple of grown kids; and they seem to like a few of the same things (rock and classical music, and books, for example). She says she thinks they hit it off fairly well, and he really seems to have an interest in her. He wants to go out again, possibly this weekend, and has something in mind already for it (a meal at another restaurant and a walk along the beach, I believe). I hope it works out for her.


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I hope it works out too Big Smile And I always figure out how to take the collars off, silly humans hehe

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He first got us collars the week I was spayed and the others were also fixed. Truffles scratched and took his off, so then he took the rest of ours off. Then I became an inside cat. He gave me a collar that I tried to take off, so he took it off. I also liked chewing on the bell.

He finally discovered calming collars, which made me feel comfortable. I then started wearing a collar, but it came off one time when I was going into a box. He blamed Binx for that and got me another; while we were still waiting, he found the old one. I took the collar off one more time while he was watching, so he put it right back on.

So today, I wear the calming collar (I don't like that he has to change it every month, especially when it's running down, and he has scissors to keep it from from being too long) and the regular collar with a nice tag.

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She had a few fried shrimps, potato salad, and garden salad leftover. She took it for lunch at work. But she did let me have a small piece of one of the shrimps first.

Shadow and mom Jeanne

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