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I'm featured on a blog!

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Submitted by Shadow Owens on Sun, 2014-10-12 13:39

Guess what! One of Mom's "friends" from her Wordpress blogging stuff has featured me on their blog! How cool is that?! Check it out:

Oh, and Mom finally got to go on her second date with her new guy (they didn't get to it last weekend because his daughter ended up in the hospital with a burst appendix). They went out for dinner last night. Took them about 3 hours. She said they had a really nice time, did a lot of talking, learning more about each other. And she got a quick good-night kiss, too. They already have plans for a fun day this weekend, since he won't have to be "on call" like yesterday (which is why it was just dinner last night, at a restaurant around the corner from her apartment as he's a maintenance guy at the complex. And he did end up getting a work call, but it wasn't a major emergency so he let it wait for a bit).


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I love the pics, and gotta love a happy ending. Black cats rock! I love both mine, they're so beautiful Big Smile The real question tho is...Do YOU like the new guy? hehehe!

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Thanks. Glad you like it Smile As for the guy, I think I like him. He seems like a nice guy. And he likes cats - and dogs - and really seems to like Mom. So that's a plus. I think he'll treat Mom better than her last guy. Hope I'm right.

Shadow and mom Jeanne

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