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Submitted by Shadow Owens on Sun, 2014-12-14 16:09

Hi all! Nice to see a new, permanent site Smile Things are going good around here, though they have been rather busy lately what with Christmas coming up and all. And I've been spending a bit more time inside now that the weather's getting chillier. Mom hasn't worked on her book in a while. Shame, Mom! But she has started working on getting a short story collection together to put out. It's based on the character from her one (published) book, Kismet and Tell, and recounts some of her earlier adventures. She hopes to have it out soon. She recently had a couple people post on her Facebook author page that they're reading Kismet and Tell and enjoying it, and one wanted to know if she had any other books planned. Mom mentioned the short story collection idea, and they liked it, so now she's working on that. Maybe she'll get back to her other book after it. Things are also still going well for her and her new boyfriend. They've even started using the "L" word.


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I don't think any of the short stories have cats in them Frown There is one about a missing dog, though.

Shadow and mom Jeanne

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