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A Quick Update

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Submitted by Shadow Owens on Sun, 2015-02-01 22:22

It's been a while, I know. Mom's just been really busy lately. She finished reading through her short story collection and is working on figuring out how she needs to format it for publishing on Amazon, and trying to come up with a book design. Then she can get back to finishing the book she's been working on and hopefully give the cat she put in it more to do. Meanwhile, we're all trying to stay warm, which means I'm spending more time inside. Thankfully this winter hasn't been too bad so far here; certainly not like last year. But we still can't wait for spring.

Mom's also been spotlighted on another author's blog, which is cool and will hopefully help generate some business.

Things are going well with Mom and her boyfriend too. They had dinner last night with Mom's cousin and their poet friend Olivia (they all write so they get together once in while to talk writing, and the other two had said it was ok for him to come if he wanted). It sounds like things went well and they seem to have liked Mom's boyfriend. They also took pics of Mom and her boyfriend together, too (it's their first photo together). Mom's glad her cousin seems to like him, as she's kind of like her big sister.


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