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Overview (which one do I want?)

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Submitted by Friendly on Sat, 2014-07-19 01:40

There are two main ways for users to add content: Blog Entry, and Forum Topic.  This post compares and contrasts them.

  Blog Entry Forum Topic
Character limit? none none
Comments? yes yes
comment notification? yes yes
character limit in comments? no no
Images? yes yes
gif animation? yes yes
image shrink-to-fit? yes yes
image expand-to-fill? no no
links? yes yes
video? 1 from YouTube or Vimeo 1 from YouTube or Vimeo
who can see it? public public
on front page by default? yes no
all of user's posts saved together? yes no
similar topics shown together? no yes
Sent to a specific user? no no
editing toolbar? no no
text-based smileys? yes yes
purr at this? yes yes
purr at comments? yes yes


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