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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Wed, 2016-08-24 12:17

When he got up this morning after brexfast, I wanted him to open the window.

He did. Shtinky and Kittles (the long-haired kitty from downstairs) were out there. He didn't get any photos of Kittles. Kittles sctretched to scratch, and Shtinky started playing or fighting (my human is telling me this, and he wasn't sure which it was).

They have looked this way, but neither has jumped up to the window to say hello to me yet.

There is also a big spider web out ther between the fence railing and the pine trees.

I think I'll just loaf here in the window.

tabby cat on the porch
cat in window watching cat on porch
kitty loaf in window.


Parker Prettykoshka's picture

There's Mr Kittles.

I almost got out when my human came back from the laundry room, but he got me before I got tooofar.


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