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Terms and conditions


  1. This page is Aimable Cats (we, us), a cat-themed page. The focus is on housecats, their feral cousins, and domestic hybrids such as bengals.
  2. This site is presented as is. No warranties are implied.
  3. This site is not intended to replace your veterinarian. Most of the humans here are just catlovers, not vets, and are relying on personal experience rather than formal training.
  4. Accounts should be created the name of your cat(s).
  5. Humans may create separate accounts for separate cats or use one account for multiple cats.
  6. More than one human may use the same account for the same cat(s) if the human creating the account agrees.
  7. Accounts may be created or continued for dearly departed furry friends.
  8. Do not create an account for a cat who is not and never was yours.  (No impersonation / imfelination / parody accounts.) If you no longer have the cat, you may continue to post under that account.
  9. You may create an account for feral cats you feed or otherwise care for as long as they have a name or something you call them.
  10. Celebrity cats and cats of celebrity humans are welcome to create accounts.
  11. There is a limit of one account per email. (Note to GMail users: Google ignores dots in the username, but Drupal does not, so you could create multiple accounts from the same GMail address by entering for the first and for the second.)
  12. You must use a permanent email. All membership applications from temporary email addresses, including 'anti-spam' addresses, will be rejected.


  1. Every registered, authenticated user (you) has a blog on the site which you may use as you see fit, keeping in mind the cat theme and subject to the conditions presented herein.
  2. All Content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such Content.
  3. Textual material posted in public should be in English or LOLcatz or be accompanied by an English translation. Videos where the spoken word is the primary focus, rather than the actions of the cat(s), should also be suitable for English/LOLcatz audiences.
  4. Users who upload to this site give the site owners a non-exclusive right to use your images or other intellectual property.
  5. Creators of content retain copyright on their material (text or images).
  6. We assert copyright on the collection of material.
  7. Images appearing on the front page may show up when the page is shared.
  8. You agree that you have rights to the images or videos. If a complaint is made for copyrighted material, it may be taken down.
  9. Only registered, authenticated users may add content or comments.
  10. If you cancel your account, your content may be unpublished and later deleted.

Prohibited Content and Sanctions

  1. Please do not use an animated GIF as your profile picture. A static GIF would be acceptable.
  2. No human nudity, feline reproductive acts, violence against cats or humans in pictures or textual descriptions (including the resulting wounds or scars), or excessive foul language; let's keep this site PG-rated. Hairless cats, cats hunting their prey, and nursing queens are OK. (Ask about an exception for cats protecting their humans or furriends if you need one.)
  3. Similarly, no photos of dead cats where the cause of death is visible.
  4. No defamatory, obscene, profane, indecent, abusive, offensive, violent, hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable content.
  5. No lying or exaggeration about those whose opinions of cats differ from yours. Truth is a powerful weapon when used properly.
  6. No attacking or harassing other users, including site administrators, or others in the cat community. If a user asks to stop being called by a name, even if it is just a typo or LOLcatz version of their real name, stop using that name.
  7. No threats of violence, even exaggerated, against real people or cats.
  8. Keep the discourse civil when it comes to cat topics that may be controversial, including but not limited to:
    • No (hissing or) fighting about indoor / indoor-outdoor / outdoor cats.
    • No fighting about spaying or neutering, including Trap-Neuter-Release. Some people want to spay their cats or neuter, some don't, others want to but for some reason cannot. (If you would prefer not to state your cat's spay/neuter status, you may use the Not Sure button on the gender field.)
    • Similarly, no fighting about shelters. Taking a cat to a shelter is not necessarily the end of the world for a cat.
    • No fighting about declawing cats. Links may be posted supporting one side or the other, but keep the discussion civil. Cats with or without claws should feel welcome here.
    • No picking on cats who are potentially overweight.
  9. No depictions of the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other recreational drugs (except catnip, honeysuckle, or valerian root) by cats.
  10. No spam posts, including but not limited to non-cat-related products, work-at-home deals, gambling sites, canned spiced ham, sunglasses, human pharmaceuticals, Nigerian lawyers, etc.  If you wish to advertise, look at our rates in our advertising forum.
  11. Cats named for prohibited materials may explain their name as long as the name itself is not clearly offensive.
  12. No posting or harvesting personal details about other members or non-members. 
  13. Do not use the site to spread malicious code, including but not limited to adware, malware, trojans, worms, viruses.
  14. Do not attempt to disable, overburden, damage, or impair the website, or interfere with the use of the website by other users.
  15. Links to online petitions are permitted only in classified advertising sections.
  16. Private messages and comments on posts may not be used for advertising except by Aimable Cats staff. Non-paid testimonials and other reviews, or questions, would be permitted by any user.
  17. For violation of the above terms, a warning will be given.
  18. For the second violation meriting a warning in a month (measured from the date of the first warning), a week's ban from common areas of the website will be given.
  19. For the second violation meriting a warning in a week (measured from the date of the first warning), a month's ban from common areas of the website will be given.
  20. For violation of terms where laws are being violated, an indefinite ban without refund may be applied immediately.
  21. For violation of terms by users not logged in as members, the IP address may be blocked.
  22. Users serving a ban may still access material not requiring login depending on the severity.
  23. Users subscribing to premium content separate from the main website may access that content while banned from the main site.
  24. Users attempting to create accounts using automated methods may find their IP addresses blocked.


  1. Advertising is permitted. Contact us for details.
  2. LINKS IN ADVERTISMENTS MUST BE NOFOLLOW rather than dofollow <a href='' rel='nofollow' >
  3. Many of the posts and comments from the user Advertisements contain sponsored content or affiliate links.
  4. Users who post ads as posts rather than in the appropriate location may be billed for their advertisements.
  5. Breeders should use advertisements rather than posts. They may post, including a link to their paid advertisement on this site, in the free area of the site.
  6. Nonprofits wishing to rehome or otherwise help cats may receive a lower rate than individuals or for-profit enterprises.
  7. Rates for non-cat-related products and services will be higher than for cat-appropriate advertisements and may be refused.
  8. Advertising links to sites with cat-related and non-cat-related products are permitted, but the ad should reference cat-related products or the site in general.
  9. Site management has final approval over what ads are accepted.
  10. Private messages and comments on posts may not be used for unpaid advertising.
  11. For the purposes of this section, blog hops are not considered advertising.


  1. Our servers where your data are stored are located in Lansing, Michigan, United States of America, and not in Europe.
  2. Since US federal law restricts the collection of information from (human) children under the age of 13, this site is not intended for use by such children.
  3. When you register for an account, we collect certain information to verify that you are the one using the account. Your password is NOT stored in an easy-to-read format. Some of the information is collected to identify your account (such as username and email); some is collected to verify that a catloving human is applying for the account (gender, with feline-appropriate choices -- note that Not Sure is an option); other information is collected to enhance community (human or feline parents, Rainbow Bridge, profile picture, ...).
  4. Certain events, such as (but not limited to) registering for an account, requesting a new password, logging in or out, login failures, posting new content or comments, page not found errors, or access denied errors, are logged with your IP address. They may also be associated with your username.
  5. This site uses first-party cookies to verify logins and to track some of the preferences, including the chat module and toolbar status. Some are session cookies; others are longer lasting. You may gobble these cookies after logging out. The site may also use local storage for some information.
  6. When you visit our advertisers, they will set cookies on your device to track which site you came from. They may set anonymous third-party cookies when you load ads on our site. Those cookies must be retained until your purchase is complete in order for our site to be paid. The third-party sites may store some files in your cache, such as the images that link to the ad.
  7. This site links to some videos from YouTube; YouTube may request local storage, cached files and plugins when these pages are loaded. Such videos may appear on the front page.
  8. There may be links to sites other than this one. We have no control over their privacy policy or cookies.
  9. We will not sell your contact information. Private information, which currently includes email address, and time zone preference, will not be made public. It will only be released if required by a court of law.
  10. Images and text you post as an Article or a Blog Post, or in a Forum, will be available to the public. Messages will only be available to the recipients.
  11. It is possible that any public page may be shared on other social networks or otherwise referenced on other sites.
  12. If you become aware of unauthorized access to your account, notify us immediately.

Other details

  1. We do not provide hardware or internet connections.
  2. These terms may be updated without additional notice. By continuing to use the site you agree to these terms.

Last update: 2 February 2019

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