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My month of July

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sat, 2020-08-01 04:01

So I have had a somewhat exciting moth this July. I mean month.

It started off with all those fireworks. Since there was not an organized display, there were a few neighborhood displays that we could see. That was loud and unpleasant. They were. Something like that.

Then He took me for a walk in my carrier in the hot heat and we went to a vets office. There were some kittens in a cage in the front. They took me into the back while my human weighted out front. They gave me a shot and I was not to happy about that. Then we had another long walk in the carrrier in the heat.

Then a human I have seen on the farm came to our apartment. She went home, but she didn't go all the way home, or something. I didn't see her right away.

Then a couple days later he took me on a walk over there and left me there for the weekend. Or longer. It was not so bad, I guess, if you have to be left alone.

But then a pipe burst on the day there weren't any humans there to watch things, and there was flooding and they took out the floor tiles and moved my carrier.

When the time came for him to pick me up and take me home after five nights in the clinic, I rode with him in the back seat of a truck. I never ride in the back seet. I'm a good kitty. At least there were no doggies in the clinic. I think they called it a cat clinic rather than a vet clinic.

So a couple of days later, I found a new cubbard I could hide in. I took a nap, and when I came out, a lot of the boxes and furniture and hiding places and soft clothes were missing. I think I heard some strange voices in the apartment. We even slept on the floor the next couple of nights. That new cubbard was about the only place I had left to hide.

Then they came and took the rest of the stuff. Then they put me in my carrier and set it on the floor while they took the end of it out. I tried to claw my way out and broke a claw. I rode in a car, in the front seat, with the lady I knew from the farm, and was okay by the time the ride started. We did not stop to go to the pet store and the restrooms like my human did from the old apartment to the farm. I didn't see my human again until I had been let out of my carrrier in the bedroom on the farm. I guess he stopped for lunch. I recognized some of the sounds and smells.

But I spent some time purring with him today. He says we don't have to go back to that noisy bright apartment.

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