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Mercy of the Clinic

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Submitted by Binx on Thu, 2016-12-08 03:12

Mercy crossed the bridge today.

She was the old tortie that had lived at the clinic about 20 years since she was found with a broken hip.

She may not have been as internet-famous as Ranger, but she was well known by those who visited the clinic regularly.

She had stopped eating and taking her medicine, and she was wheezing a little in her purrs on Tuesday the 6th. They said if she didn't live there, she would have visited the vet this week.

The facebook photo gallery on the clinic page is at .

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I saw her a couple of times at the clinic when he dropped me off on our way out of town. She didn't come see me as much as you do, Binx, or as Ranger does.

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We send purrs and prayers of support at this sad time. Mercy you are now young and pain free getting used to your new Angel Wings. Watch over us from above until that day we all meet again!

Her cremains were returned to clinic this afternoon. They put her by the blanket where she spent some of her last days.


Now she's on a shelf where Ranger and I can't get to her, but the techs (and clients who know where to look) can see her.

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