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February 2017

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Submitted by Friendly on Wed, 2017-02-01 00:00

Here are some of the awareness months for February.

February is :

  • National Cat Health Month
  • Pet Dental Health Month
  • Spay / Neuter Awareness Month (Tuesday the 28th is Spay Day)
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • Read to your cat month
  • Canned Food Month

Specific dates of interest to cats:

14 February   Pet Theft Awareness Day
17 February   World Cat Day
20 February   Love Your Pet Day
22 February   Cat Day (in Japan)
23 February   Cuddly Kitten Day

Other days of note:

2nd   Groundhog Day
12th   Lincoln's Birthday
14th   Valentine's Day
20th   Washington's birthday observed
28th   Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday


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The 12th is also the anniversary of Sandycat (1983-2004) going to the Rainbow Bridge. For a while, he was the kitty our human loved best.


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