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2014 Petties

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Submitted by Friendly on Tue, 2014-07-22 15:04


The Petties Awards, sponsored by D**time, are currently available to vote for finalists.  You may vote once per day per email address.

Cat blog candidates:

Best Dog Blog
(no cat blogs)

Best Designed Blog
Zee & Zoey
Cat Wisdom 101

Best Cat Blog
The Creative Cat
Sparkle Cat
Cattington Post
Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club (cats and big cats)

Best Tech Product for Pets
(all primarily for dogs)

Best Rescue/Cause Blog
Forever Home Wanted (cats and dogs)
Paw Project
Kitten Associates

Funniest Blog or Blogger
Texts from Mittens
Nerissa's Life
A Tonk's Tail
My Cat Goma

Best Overall Pet Blog
The Conscious Cat
Life with Dog and Cats (both dogs and cats)

Best Video Post
The Creative Cat
Kitty Cat Chronicles

Best Blog Post
Covered in Cat Hair
Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club (cats and big cats)
The Creative Cat
Zee & Zoey

Best Active Living Blog
(no cat blogs)

Voting Ends on August 7th.  Each finalist has (or will have) designated a shelter or rescue to receive a grant from D**time if their blog wins.

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