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Introducing the Fosters and their new moms.

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Submitted by Ruger and Tippi on Sat, 2017-03-11 02:14


Lots have happened since we were last on. Mom fostered a pregnant kitty she found in our backyard, she had four kittens. And she adopted the older kitten that showed up with her, which mom thinks was from her first litter.

All the fosters, including the mom, were adopted through Cat House on The Kings. That is California's largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. We are including a collage of the fosters with their new moms with this post.

May they live long healthy and happy lives, with much love. Yay for adoption.

~ Tippi



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Breezy here. I am also a rescue kitty from SC. I live with my forever family in Western Montana. My gotcha day was April 13, 2013. That big gray and white tabby kitty in the center looks a lot like my bro fur Tuffy. Tuffy was a feral kitten when mommy found him and rescued him. He will be 9 years old this April and is now very tame and loving. Wishing all these beautiful kitties very long, happy and healthy lives. Love and purrs from Breezy Belle

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Howdy, that fluffy gray and white cat in the middle is momcat, the kittens are hers and she was my mom too. I was her first, she had me when she was just a kitten herself. My human Mom says that she is sure they got very good loving homes. Cat House on the Kings is very selective in choosing adopters.

~ Ramses.

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What a lovely family, I'm so glad they found great homes Big Smile And your momcat is sure beautiful! Cat House on the Kings sounds like a great place Big Smile

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