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A word of comfort to our religious members

Breezy Belle's picture
Submitted by Breezy Belle on Sun, 2017-03-26 00:49

Breezy and mommy believe all pets go to Heaven. It is the separation we experience here on earth for our short lives that hurts so much. We have eternity to look forward to with our beloved pets.



Parker Prettykoshka's picture

Before Adam ate from that cursèd tree, in fact even before he met Eve, it was his job to take care of the animals.

So it would seem logical that those who receive eternal life would be in the company of animals.

Butler Prettycat's picture

About the time I went to the Bridge, our human had a dream where I was playing with Sandycat, the cat he knew in his youth. He didn't recognize Sandy at first.

Little Man McDonald's picture

Excellent point Parker Big Smile Meowmy figures there is a megangerie of pets waiting for her across the bridge, it will be a great reunion Big Smile She told me about a duck she had when she was young that she has never forgotten. She pictures her human Meowmy taking care of all of her animals up there Big Smile

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