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C -- Climb

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Tue, 2017-04-04 15:15

C is for climb.

Climbing is one of two ways to get oneself higher (the other being jumping). Of course, you could always have someone put you up there but that's not so much fun.

When I lived in the shed, we all used to climb up to the rafters inside. Sometimes we even went out on the rooof. The first time I went on the rooof, I needed my human's help to get down.

We also liked climbing trees. One night, we kitties climbed up oneof the fruit trees, and then went over to the other tree before we came down. That was a fun night.

When he came out to feed us, my little brother Sir Ed climbed our human so much that he was named after Sir Edmond Hillary, who climbed Mount Everest with Tensing Noregay or however they spelled it.

And then, just a little bit before I left the farm, I climbed the tree where the bluebirds had their nest to get some brexfast. Momma Bluebird did not like that so much, and she flew low at us after she came back.

three cats on shed roof
tuxedo kitten
cat climbing tree watching bird feeder
cat on cupboard


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My sissy fur Shadow is also a good climber and likes to perch on top of high shelves. Both Blackberry and Satin (the twins) also like to jump and climb up on high shelves and on top of the refrigerator. Here is Shadow on top of the fridge.


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