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I -- Imaginaries

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Submitted by Seshat on Tue, 2017-04-11 12:32

Seshat: I is for IMAGINARIES!! Do you ever chase IMAGINARIES!! Sometimes Kephri and I run around the house chasing things that only we can see!! mom say's they are IMAGINARIES!! Or sometimes we stare at things that only we can see...IMAGINARIES!!

It's FUN to chase the IMAGINARIES!! they are sometimes the BEST prey to chase around! Your eyes get big, and your tail poof's and you never really catch them and your HOOMAN always FREAK'S out because they think something is there but there isn't!!

Yes, chasing IMAGINARIES are the best!!!

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Sometimes what were're chasing is not imaginary -- it's just something the humans can't see or hear. Sometimes we hear things in the wall they can't hear -- mice usually communicate higher than humans can hear. Sometimes we see things coming out of the wall that they can't see -- until they do and are toatally freeked out. Kitty told me of one time he was staring at the electrical outlet because a wasp was sticking its legs out from behind.

Then again, sometimes it is just something we are imagining. But the humans imagine things too. They say there are scary monsters in their books when it's nothing but words. What the Cat?

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