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V -- Vacuum Monster

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Submitted by Seshat on Wed, 2017-04-26 13:47

V is for VACUUM MONSTER!!! It is a HORRIBLE MONSTER that the HOOMANS bring out several times a week that makes loud noises and sometimes it EATS our TOYS!!

When I was little I thought it was my FURREND!! I climbed on it and played wif it. But then when I got older I learned the HORRIBLE truth! It's a MONSTER!! I know all the kitties in the world know about the scary VACCUUM MONSTER.... EXCEPT KEPHRI. Him LIKES IT!!

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out on the farm we had some noisy machines. There might have been a shop vac in there somewhere, but there were other noisiy tools, like saws, lawn mowers, brushhogs and hedgeloppers, too. (no I don't mean helicopters Meow Out Loud )

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