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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Sat, 2017-04-29 16:13

Your human probably knows that YouTube has videos. My human likes watching some videos that aren't that interesting to me. Sometimes when he does that I can sit next to him or on his lap.

But there are others.

Sometimes, he watches videos of other cats, like Maru, Waffles and Katie, Cole and Marmalade, or かご猫 Blog [the famous Japanese cats]. Sometimes the cats are animated, like Simon's Cat. Sometimes the cats are characters, like Oregano Jones of Cat CATastrophes.

Sometimes he puts videos of me up on YouTube! Sometimes he puts videos of the cats outside who come to visit, like Cyril the Veral Feral, or my mother after a visit to the farm.

Sometimes he watches videos from vets -- either the one I go to (often starring Binx or his furriend Ranger), or some other vets who are saying something about cats or taking care of cats.

But Probably my favorite videos on YouTube are the ones where there are birds that I recognize. If they are birds I don't know, I might or might not watch them. But if I regcognize the birds, I'll watch intently. The video below is of me watching a bird video.

Our videos are available at our YouTube channel, which you can reach from the button in the header. Other Aimable Cats with YouTube channels include (add them in the commments if I have forgotten you) :

watching a bluebird video

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