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International Box Day

Parker Prettykoshka's picture
Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Mon, 2017-06-19 20:00

June 19th is International Box Day. I like Boxes. I was born in a box.

Sometimes I sit on top of the box, and sometimes I sit inside the box. (Sometimes I just claw at the side of the box Joke )

Here are some of my favorite box pictures.

I'm hiding inside the fan box, but you can't see me in there.

My tower of boxes allows me to see over the frosted / etched glass in the window, although I did not understand that at first.

When we lived in the older apartment, I would play with a ball and get it out of the box. Sometimes I went through the box, and eventually, I destroyed the box Oh my cat!

cat hiding in a fan box
cat on a tower of boxes
cat hiding in a box
cat sleeping on a box
cat sitting in a box rather than on top of the tower
cat in box of facial tissue
cat playing in a box
cat coming through a box
box after cat has come through it

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