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Food delivery

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Submitted by Binx on Thu, 2017-08-24 00:27

There was a delivery of food to the clinic today.

Of course, Ranger and I had to explore the two boxes. The vet techs left them unattended while they were doing other things up front, so Ranger was able to get inside. He bit some holes in one of the bags. I tried to help. It smelled like kitty food. It sounded like kitty food. It was kitty food. The one box even had a cat that looked like Ranger on it.

They put one of the boxes on top of the other so we couldn't get in, but it was too late. Meow Out Loud

Ranger was the one getting into the boxes, not me (sorry he's out of focus). So don't look at me like that. I just tried. Hey, when we were trying to get intoo the boxes, we werenT' fighting each other, right ?

cat getting into a box
cat hiding under sofa

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