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litter-box-trained human

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Fri, 2017-10-20 14:51

I reminded my human that it was time to clean my litter box yesterday, and it worked.

He had let it go for a couple of days Mad and it needed attention. It is in the bathroom, at the bottom of the shelves. I sometimes like to sit on the top of those shelves, but I need to jump on my human's back to get there. He'll often bend over to give me a better halfway landing spot. When he does that, he's looking right at my litter box.

So yesterday, I get up on the lavatory, or bathroom sink if you prefer, and looked longingly (didn't he play for the Chicago Bulls?) at the top shelf. He bent over, and I jumped on his back. When I was convinced he had looked at my litter box long enough, I jumped down to the floor. He then changed the litter completely. Big Smile

When he left the bathroom, I made sure that it was clean. I dug three or four pits in it before I finally used it.

This is a file photo of me in my litter box, and me on the top shelf as seen from the shower where the human likes to stand in the rain.

tuxedo cat using litter box
tuxedo cat sitting on shelf as seen from shower

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