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March 2018

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Submitted by Friendly on Thu, 2018-03-01 09:02

Here are the kittydays and observances for March.

Month Pet Poison Prevention Month
Month Feline Kidney Month
Month Community Cat Trappers Month
1st День кошек в России -- Cat Day in Russia
3rd What if cats & dogs had opposable thumbs? day
4-10 Professional Pet Sitter's Week™
17th St Gertrude's Day -- Gertrude de Nivelles was patron saint for cats (and against mice)
18-24 National Animal Poison Prevention Week
23rd Cuddly Kitten Day
28th Respect your cat day
29th Declaw Awareness Day
5th Casimir Pulaski Day
8th International Women's Day
11th Feed Your Cat an Hour Earlier Day (US) -- Daylight Saving Time begins
20th, 1615 GMT (11:15 am US CDT) March Equinox
25th Palm Sunday
25th Feed Your Cat an Hour Earlier Day (Europe) -- Summer Time begins
30th Good Friday
30th Passover begins at sundown

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