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The first ring

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Submitted by Parker Prettykoshka on Mon, 2018-03-12 03:45

Then he stands up to sing a song that has weird music, and it sounds like all the other humans are singing it too. I don't know the words, but something about dawn and bombs bursting. He takes my collars off -- both of them. He ties my birdie toy I got for Christmas to the top of my cage, but I mostly ignore it. Then he hears something about household pets 161 in ring 2 and takes me out of that cage and carries me over to another.

There's this woman there, and about a dozen kitties, one to a cage. They all have cards with numbers on them, alternating blue and pink. I go in the cage with the 161 on it. Then the woman takes all the kitties out of their cages, one at a time, and tries to get them to play, and looks at them and pets them. She makes her way around the ring, and once she puts the kitty back in the cage next to mine, she takes me out of my cage, and looks at me, and tries to get me to play. There's this post that some of the kitties try to scratch and climb, with a light bulb at the top that's the color of daylight. Then she takes me back to my little cage in the ring and gives me a red and white ribbbon. Household pet merit award. I think I know what some of those words mean. Then we go back to our cage where I can hide, and he trims my claws a little. I guess I sharpened them during the ride. We hear a call for finals, and they say some numbers should go back, but they don't say 161 should go back. So I stay in the cage in the dark while he goes somewhere... I guess he goes back to the ring to see what's happening. He doesn't tell me.

Then we spend a lot of time with me sitting in my box in the dark, and him sitting on the chair outside....

cat 161 in her cage
cat 161 in her cage
six cats in cages
six other cats in cages
tortoiseshell and white cat loafing with judge
tortoiseshell cat stretching at scratching post
Parker sitting in cage
red and white cat playinf
Parker sitting in cage with ribbon

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